Sheer Fabric Shirts

Made of the very sheer fabric of a pantyhose these T Shirts, Tops and longsleeves are very dangerous to wear. In public the sheerness will call attention and it will be better to combine it with beautifull transparent lingerie. At home there will be no problem with showing too much.
sheer t shirt

wet top transparent

see through top


One thought on “Sheer Fabric Shirts

  1. BarleySinger February 23, 2012 / 11:53 pm

    Opinions on if these types of garments are too revealing for public wear (without another top garment) depend on where you live. It also depends on just how much you are willing to let people push you around in areas of life that ought to be up to individual taste and choices. Clothing ought to be off the legal discussion area, entirely.

    The truth is that for most of human history history women wore far less over their chests, and for hudreds of years in the middles ages all the way to the VIctorian and beyond, PICK was often seen above the neckline of a dress. Look up “Extreme Decoletage” and also “grand neckline” for two examples. The proper ladies at the North American forts of Hudsons Bay company also worse dresses with a decolletage neck line below the nipples (often covered by a shawl…after all it was cold in Alberta…and nobody wants frostbite there). The famous song “”Mountains of Mourne” (1886 by Percy French) had these lines :

    Well if you’ll believe me, when asked to a ball,
    They don’t wear no top to their dresses at all,
    Oh I’ve seen them meself and you could not in truth,
    Say that if they were bound for a ball or a bath

    SO even in 1886 the high class ladies of had gown with no reast chest coverage. How odd that hundreds of years of fashion has been censored, and that we now have an entirely different idea of what “modest” means, that if Queen Elizabeth I did. She wore the “Extreme Decolletage” style even in her old age (to the annoyance of the Venician Ambassador, who complained about having to see her “old withered dugs”). A full view of her old and saggy breasts above the line of her gown..

    Yet, in this modern and supposedly “permissive” society, if if Queen Elizabeth I were transported the streets of London, she would be arrested for indecent exposure.

    FACEBOOK staff now insist that female breasts are totally obscene and damaging to kids (a form of pornography) when you are nursing a child (which happens to be legal in public places). 100 years ago nobody batted an eye at the sight. OUr costume dramas, history books and museums have (over most of this century) sanitised the reality of women’s fashion throughout time. They want not to shock us in the same way that GRAYS ANATOMY removed the female pleasure organ from all their anatomy texts for over 50 years…they censored the body and made women think they were “bad” or “deformed”. It was there in the 1800s, and gone in the 1950s.

    Enough is enough. Wear anything you look good in and make the idiots adapt to you.,I recall rather sheer tops being worn ( braless ) in the daytime in Seattle back in the late 1970s/

    Honestly, the less sheer items on this page would be just fine in many public places, and the more sheer ones would be welcome in most night spots without comment (in places where “Deliverance” is not a family story).

    So…people….it wont change unless you choose freedom and healthy attitudes over censorship and totalitarianism.

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